Monday, January 19, 2009

Timing is everything.

I recently heard the quote “It’s not just the music, it’s how and when you hear it”

To me that is a pure statement with so many connotations. Music has impact on me through the melodies and lyrics but more importantly it is a catalyst for my actions. It can pump me up, put me to bed, or etch a situation in my memory. Like when Mariah Carey’s ‘always be my baby’ gripped me one summer as an adolescent. I’ll never forget hearing that song coming from our old blue and silver rectangular shaped radio/cassette player at our cottage. That song had a powerful effect on me, one that I will never forget. Or there is Prince’s “Purple rain” a song I hate, however has been forever ingrained in my mind because it was playing when I received my 1st lap dance in the apartment above the Video Shoppe when I was 15.

I, as I’m sure most music lovers could go on for days talking about songs and what memories they can dredge up. It’s as though a song can put you back in time, deliver a nostalgic smell in your nose or serve up a brief moment of self loathing.