Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Solstice Dusk

An electrical storm circled the harbor like so many do. Starting from the North East, over by Mom and Dad’s, the ominous clouds began to suffocate the peninsula. The muggy air began to dance, rain drops spit, and nothing was wet for more than a fleeting moment. I watched and counted as lightning struck fifteen kilometers away. I knew the heavy rain would escape us, it would stay out in the bay. My desire was to grab her and go watch the storm. We could find a tree on the backside of Ministers Island, lay down a blanket and watch the darkness approach. A moment like that is when two people can fall in love.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grey Blue

Its dusk and its calm. The type of calm that suspends time. Clouds ribbon the sky like a ruffled sheet before bed. If a car didn’t drive by and a construction worker wasn’t having a smoke I very well could have been still. The boats sit quiet in the harbor, barely a ripple straight to Navy Island. The lights on the wharf trace back toward the town, refracting off the steel grey water like lit sparklers. I just left the Kennedy Inn where I received the most heartfelt hug from my friend Mel. We drank beer and exchanged stories of life’s minor quarrels. It makes me wonder why I feel the desire to want more. I love this town, I love my life.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Forgive Me

Forgive me. Before it gets too complicated let's spend some time in the city. We can take a drive up, get drunk at a concert. We can laugh the night away and I won't have to worry about a fight. I will smell your hair and you will scratch my beard. Amidst a sea of people we will be alone. The sticky floor and the mist in the air makes me love you. There is no need to talk. The situation speaks for itself. We enjoy each other not thinking about our exes or the fact I had to cancel our dinner date the other night. You won’t mention anything as I notice beautiful people in the venue. I have you and that’s all I want. As we loosely hold each other it’s a perfect fit. Smitten. In the morning will be rolling around in bed, I will look at you and love your face waking up. Imperfectly perfect. Not arguing about how I didn't tell you about going to the bar and running into old mates. We can spend a fleeting few months together in glee. Trying not to think about how baggage will surface and how the very memories we create will end up culminating to our eventual falling out of love. Forgive me.