Saturday, June 1, 2013

Forgive Me

Forgive me. Before it gets too complicated let's spend some time in the city. We can take a drive up, get drunk at a concert. We can laugh the night away and I won't have to worry about a fight. I will smell your hair and you will scratch my beard. Amidst a sea of people we will be alone. The sticky floor and the mist in the air makes me love you. There is no need to talk. The situation speaks for itself. We enjoy each other not thinking about our exes or the fact I had to cancel our dinner date the other night. You won’t mention anything as I notice beautiful people in the venue. I have you and that’s all I want. As we loosely hold each other it’s a perfect fit. Smitten. In the morning will be rolling around in bed, I will look at you and love your face waking up. Imperfectly perfect. Not arguing about how I didn't tell you about going to the bar and running into old mates. We can spend a fleeting few months together in glee. Trying not to think about how baggage will surface and how the very memories we create will end up culminating to our eventual falling out of love. Forgive me.

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