Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fort Hills

The constant pound of a pile driver shakes the working trailer like that of a T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Jeff Goldbloom could very well be pointing at my water cup. Sunday morning, two and a half hours into the working day and there is still no sign of sunrise. Rather a spatter of lights from heavy equipment whir around a snow covered wasteland. Constant back up beeps resound. Tensions are high, stakes are high, spirits and emotions are mixed. Coffee pours like an oil waterfall. I attached a ring tone to a special girl's contact in my phone last summer. One that sounded like a bird chirping, I though it was appropriate. This noise always16 used to put a smile on my face. Something about this girl. Anyways as I sat focused on work, the sound. Shreee Shrrruuuump like an under the tongue chickadee whistle. My heart raced and I flushed. Was it her after all these months reaching out?