Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Sept 20th

Patiently waiting at the KKMI boatyard for the hired help to step the mast, Pat, Josh, Rod and I spend our days at leisure cooking big breakfasts/dinners, doing no exercise and having the occasional cocktail.

My perception of the “Pacific Wanderer” has completely changed since the cold dark Monday night when we arrived to a boat with no power or plumbing. My sleeping quarters, the “Chart Room” has transformed into a very peaceful place for me. When I get up from my room, go through the kitchen and enter the living room it is beginning to feel more like an apartment than a sail boat. It is a great feeling, one that not many will experience. All the modern amenities are present here on the Wanderer, just in a compact rudimentary form. Hopefully this relaxed feeling will stay with us as we expose ourselves to the power of the ocean. Colossal waves and the hum of a huge diesel engine may change the water on the beans.


Uncle Peter said...

Stephen and Pat,

Sounds like quite the experience your having, enjoy the chance.

Victor was working on the 3 wheeler and found a few minor issues. How much do you want to sell it for, don't overprice?

Tango had the past week off but runs on Saturday in SJ vs a tough field.

Business is slow and the dollar sucks, we just finished a yr end physical......

Be safe

Uncle Peter

Uncle Cork said...

hey guys,
Keep the updates coming.

Andre Toupin called and needs you back here pronto to begin dryland for the pond hockey chamionships.

Are u getting the Courier sports section delivered to the boat? Nev used the word "foxily" in one article.

Take care and have fun.